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Meet Jaime and Yonatan

We specialize in helping people build more conscious and expansive relationships. 


If you desire the best relationship of your life, want cultivate a deep and lasting sense of self love, and learn the tools that you need to have the best relationships of your life then our program is for you.


We specialize in building empowered relationship and truly believe that when we change our relationships, we can change the world. 

Education & work:

  • Collectively, we have 30+ years of coaching and teaching experience

  • Over a decade of coaching experience (behavior and lifestyle change, movement, business and relationships)

  • Over 20 years of experience teaching individuals and groups

  • BA in Business & Sound Arts

  • Reiki Masters

  • Certified Functional Strength and Conditioning Coaching

  • Certified Pilates Instructor

  • Couple's retreat & group meditation facilitators 

A little more about us...


  • We are committed to practicing what we preach. Our relationship is the playground for everything that we teach you

  • We’ve been featured on podcasts like ClitTalk & Go Help Yourself...discussing everything from jealousy & compersion to our favorite communication tools

  • We're engaged to be married...before we met, we had each spent a lifetime marching to the beat of our own drum & cultivating a deep sense of self love and reliance. Independently, we have each done a tremendous amount of personal development & inner work to feel complete with ourselves…all of this work allowed us to meet and build the most powerful relationship we’ve ever experienced…now we get to help you do the same! 

  • Jaime comes from a background in corporate fitness and leadership, she's coached people of all ages and helped them transform their lives for over 15 years

  • Yonatan has dedicated his life to his creative exploration and is committed to helping people explore their shadow through music, performance and his coaching work


And, honestly, we created this coaching program because we've both been impacted by some of the worst of what relationships have to offer…

  • Failed relationships

  • Cheating

  • People pleasing in relationships

  • Poor boundaries


The tools that we teach our clients are the tools that we use to care for our own relationship.

When you want to cultivate big, expansive love, most of what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from a team who has "been there and done that!" with building lasting, empowered relationships.


So if you're ready to finally claim the relationships you deserve, reach out! We love to hear from you.


What is Coopetition?


Much like a tree, in order to truly grow in our relationships, we must expand and create space. As our branches reach higher, our roots dig deeper. Leaves and roots growing further apart, all the while strengthening and balancing the center. 

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