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Meet Jaime and Yonatan

Jaime and Yonatan, the soulful duo behind Word of Mouth, offer a symphony of skills and perspectives shaped by their rich backgrounds and shared calling. Their collaboration and the blend of their unique strengths create a truly transformative experience for their clients.

Jaime, a trained dancer, certified personal trainer, movement coach, behavioral coach, and Master Energy Healer, brings a wealth of experience in the realms of mind, body, and spirit. She merges her diverse qualifications and her lifelong passion for movement and dance to facilitate beautiful and transformative sessions. Her energy is feminine and nurturing, flowing like a river that carries you towards your true self.

Yonatan, with his roots deeply planted in music and sound engineering, brings a unique dimension to the journey. His understanding of vibration, frequency, and intention, honed through his musical background, infuses every session with resonant energy. Trained in classical Pilates and a Reiki practitioner himself, Yonatan balances Jaime's femininity with his grounded, yet lighthearted energy.

Their paths converged upon recognizing a shared calling: to serve their community by nurturing individuals who impact the world. The birth of Word of Mouth was a manifestation of their deep desire to help others replenish their own wells of energy, so they could continue to serve without feeling depleted.

The duo's unique approach is rooted in their own experiences. They understand the disjointed feeling of trying to address mind, body, and spirit separately. By integrating these aspects into their personal and relational healing, they witnessed remarkable transformation, prompting them to share this holistic, harmonious approach with others.

Jaime and Yonatan hold a profound respect for each other's gifts and zones of brilliance. Every tool they offer their clients has been tested and embraced in their personal journey. Their philosophy is beautifully simple yet profoundly impactful: the mind, body, and spirit aren't separate parts, but elements of an entire orchestra. When each aspect is tuned properly and works in harmony, the feeling is one of true magic. 💫

The testimonials shared by those who have embarked on the Integrated Life Harmonization journey offer a glimpse into the powerful transformations facilitated by Jaime and Yonatan. Their compassionate and non-judgmental listening, coupled with their unique talents, create a safe, nurturing space for clients to explore, grow, and transform. 🌻


Our Mission

At Word of Mouth, we believe in the profound power of compassion, connection, and authentic expression. Our mission is to ignite the spark within each of us, bringing us into a harmonious union of mind, body, and spirit, a holistic approach that we believe leads to a fuller, more joyful life.


As lantern holders in a world often shrouded in darkness, we are dedicated to illuminating the path toward self-healing. We stand firm in our belief that every person carries the capacity to heal themselves and shape their own destiny. In this light, we strive to empower our clients, our community, and ultimately the world, echoing the truth that our internal alignment creates our external reality.


Our offerings are an embodiment of our personal experiences and insights, all shaped by the ebbs and flows of our journeys, both in triumph and in challenge. By sharing the tools and practices that have brought us healing and growth, we hope to be a beacon of hope, empowerment, and connection for you, our community and clients.


We are dedicated to creating real, lasting change in the wellness industry, challenging the notion of quick fixes and singular approaches. Our commitment to holistic healing and personal development transcends the surface, diving deep into the interconnectedness of our beings.


As we continue our journey, we envision Word of Mouth evolving into a global force, impacting wellness communities worldwide. We aspire to instill an understanding of the unity of mind, body, and spirit, and foster an environment where every individual feels hopeful, capable, and powerfully connected.


In the spirit of our name, we believe that the most potent transformations spread organically, through the power of communities and word of mouth. By investing in our clients and services rather than conventional marketing, we're striving to cultivate a ripple effect of change, one that not only transforms lives but reshapes the landscape of wellness.


Join us on this journey of empowerment, connection, and evolution, as we co-create a world where healing is not a privilege, but a universal right.

With love,

Yonatan & Jaime

Word of Mouth

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