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Join us on June 24th, 2023 for

A Return Home

A Soulful One-Day Women's Retreat


BLOOM is all about connection. It's a journey back to self, facilitated by forging meaningful bonds with like-minded women in a serene natural setting. This retreat creates a harmonious space for you to connect deeply with you authentic selves and with nature.



This retreat serves as a guide, leading women back to their true center. Through intention setting and energy healing, participants will rediscover their core values and aspirations, achieving a balanced state where serving others doesn't mean losing oneself.



Breathwork, a cornerstone of the retreat, bridges the physical and spiritual realms. Somatic breathwork helps release 'stuck' energy and facilitates deep emotional healing. Participants will learn techniques to harness the power of breath, promoting ongoing self-healing and relaxation.


This retreat is a sanctuary for the woman who has spent her life in service – to her work, her children, her partner or her world. It's for the woman who pours her heart into nurturing those around her, who thrives on being there for others, and who's committed to making a difference.

But amidst all the giving, she's lost a piece of herself.

She woke up one day and realized that the reflection in the mirror seemed more like an echo of the people and responsibilities she's been serving rather than her own self. She feels as if she's drifted away from her center, her true essence obscured by the fog of constant giving.

Bloom: A Return Home is a beacon for this woman.

It's an invitation to journey inward and rediscover her authentic self, to reconnect with the unique spirit that's been quieted in her quest to support others. This retreat is a safe space for her to release, to feel, and to heal. It's a place where she can replenish her energy and reclaim her sense of self.

Through energy healing, movement practices, somatic breathwork, and nourishing meals with women, she will find her way back home, to herself. She will learn powerful tools that she can take with her and use in her everyday life, ensuring that she never loses sight of herself again.

Bloom: A Return Home is more than just a retreat. It's a thoughtfully currated journey of self-discovery and reconnection. It's for the woman who is ready to come home to herself, and in doing so, serve the world with even more love, vitality, and authenticity.

The Details:

📍Nestled in the heart of Pioneertown, CA

📅 Saturday, June 24th 

💰 $333 (price increases to $444 on 6/5)

💖 Embrace a Journey of Release, Grounding, Joy, and Homecoming 💖

Join us in the comforting cradle of the desert, where the mountains meet the vibrant desert flora and fauna. This intimate retreat, limited to 15 women, offers a nurturing, connected, and cleansing experience – a sanctuary where your soul can dance freely.

Your Soul Guides:

🌟 Jaime Elkayam, Creator of Word of Mouth, Reiki Master, Functional Movement & Transformation Coach

🌟 Brenna Brochado, Founder of Alpha Wave Wellness, Mindfulness Coach & Somatic Breathwork Practitioner

**Learn more about their work here**

Immerse Yourself in Healing Workshops & Activities:

🌿 Community Connection & Opening Discussion

🌙 Energy Healing

💃 Movement Practices

🍃 Somatic Breathwork

Closing Discussion & Reflection

Indulge in Soul-Nourishing Plant-Based Meals:

🥗 Light Bites Throughout the Day

🍲 Nutritious Lunch

🥘 Heartwarming Closing Dinner

Rediscover Your Inner Home

Jaime and Brenna, inspired by their personal journeys, have lovingly created this retreat to guide you back to your soul's center. Using tools that align body, mind, and spirit, you'll rediscover the feeling of home within you, and take with you practices that enable you to return there with ease and joy, long after our day together ends.

🌺Limited spots available. RSVP here

Meet the Team

Meet Jaime & Brenna, your guides for BLOOM


What is the exact location of the retreat in Pioneertown, CA?

The retreat will be hosted at a private residence in Pioneertown, Ca - just two hours outside of Los Angeles and less than an hour from the Palm Springs Airport. You can check out there home here

What time does the retreat start and end?

We will gather at 10am (you may arrive as early as 9am to enjoy the property) and wrap up around 7pm, we will offer ample time for breaks, solitude and reflection

Are there any prerequisites or levels of experience needed for the activities and workshops?

None, this retreat is for women with a curious and open mind who are interested in cultivating a deeper relationship with themselves. It is open to all levels of experience

How can participants prepare themselves to get the most out of the retreat?

Take time to get clear on your intention for our time together. What would you like to get out of this time? 

Consider taking some time with your meditation practice. If you would like some guidance on how to begin, reach out

What should participants bring with them to the retreat?

You will need a yoga mat, reusable water bottle, soft blanket or cushion to sit on during meditation. We recommend wearing comfortable, loose clothing & layers (the space is well air conditioned, but it will be warm outdoors) & a pair of close toed shoes if you plan to walk around the property

Are there any specific dietary options or accommodations for the based meals?

All food will be whole-foods plant based. If you have any additional dietary restrictions, please let us know upon registration 

What is the cancellation policy for the retreat?

We are not offering refunds for cancellation of your retreat. We will offer the option to transfer your ticket on a case by case 

What is the accommodation situation if someone is traveling from afar?

This is a daytime retreat. If you are traveling from a city nearby, you are welcome to drive to and from home on the day of the retreat. If you would like to make a weekend out of it (we recommend this to give yourself some time to fully experience the desert magic), there are ample of AirBnb options available in the area, as well as the Pioneertown Motel

To find an AirBnb nearby, we recommend staying in Pioneertown. If you are open to expanding your search, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and 29 Palms are all quite close as well 

Is transportation provided to and from the retreat location?

No, you are responsible for your own transportation

Are there opportunities for attendees to continue learning or receive support from the facilitators after the retreat?

Yes, we both offer private coaching sessions to support in the integration of your experience

What kind of clothing or gear is appropriate or necessary for the retreat?

Comfortable clothing that allows your to move with ease, layers, socks, a pair of close toed shoes, sunscreen and a hat if you plan to spend time outdoors

Can I buy a ticket for a friend or family member as a gift?


I would like to bring my daughter, do you recommend experiencing this with family?

Absolutely - this kind of work can bring deeper levels of intimacy into our closest female relationships. This experience is extra special for mothers &  daughters to experience together


What is the retreat's policy on inclusivity and diversity?

All women are welcome in this space. We honor the deep beauty that exists in the multifaceted ways that each of us relates to our womanhood and invite women from all backgrounds to join us

Will there be any downtime or free time during the retreat for personal reflection?

Yes - there will be ample down time between activities and integration time available at the end of the retreat

Will any resources or materials be provided before or after the retreat to enhance the learning experience?

Yes!! In the weeks before and after the retreat, we will offer up meditation tools and resources to support your preparation and integration. These tools will include reflection questions, journal prompts & meditations

How accessible is the location for those with mobility issues?

We will offer searing options for people of all physical abilities. The retreat space is flat & there are no steep hills or stairs to navigate. Please reach out if you have any additional questions about this

Are there any age restrictions for the retreat?

This retreat is for women who are 18 and older

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