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Mind. Body. Spirit.


The heart of our work.


Private coaching with us brings the mind, body & spirit into deep harmony so that life can be lived authentically, regardless of circumstance.

As we elevate the level of consciousness in our relationships (with friends, family, lovers, partners and most importantly, ourselves), we create a deep and lasting ripple effect on our lives.

Whether you want to change your world or THE world, this is how we do it. 

Conscious Relating is the practice of bringing deeper levels of awareness to all relationships. As one practices this, they can step back into power and take control of their lives for good. This work is for anyone who no longer wants to feel victim to circumstance & wants to truly start living an authentic and vibrant life.


In this 1:1 coaching container we cover how to live authentically throughout life's ups and down & get the deepest connections out of your relationships.


You can use these techniques to start improving the quality of your relationships and your life. You'll be empowered with the knowledge of how to minimize pain in your body, mind and spirit. You will move through life, your thoughts and the world around you with more ease and learn how to cultivate relationships filled with authentic joy & intimacy!

This coaching program is customized to each 1:1 client or couple.


Here is a brief example of what we may cover with you:


  • How to speak your truth, set boundaries with love, and develop your intuition, which enables you to finally live authentically in all of your relationships

  • How to build a strong and loving relationship with yourself, that will last a lifetime

  • How to release your body, mind and spirit of pain, discomfort and blockages so that you can enjoy deeper, more intimate connections in your life

  • How to transform old ways of thinking so that you can thrive throughout all of life's uncertainty

... and so MUCH More!


Each session brings together the movement, talk coaching and energy medicine to help you create deep & lasting change in your entire being. You will leave our work feeling empowered, connected, and with a greater sense of ease & flow. 

Step into radical authenticity with us today....

Tulum 2022
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