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Integrative Life Harmonization

Welcome to the powerful convergence of mind, body, and spirit.

The path to holistic well-being and radical transformation begins here

Image of Jaime Elkayam, the founder of Word of Mouth in Los Angeles, expertly playing the Koshi chimes during a Sound Bath session, while conducting a transformative Reiki Therapy session, embodying the holistic and integrative approach to wellbeing

About Private Coaching with us

In a world that often pulls us in a hundred different directions, private coaching offers a beacon, guiding you back to your center. It is a program designed for people who are committed to achieving holistic health and harmony in their lives, stepping out of the shackles of physical or emotional pain and into flow and freedom.

This program is more than just a method; it's a transformative journey that will guide you in reconnecting with your true self, help you realize your full potential, and foster meaningful connections with the world around you. It is especially suited for those feeling stuck or unbalanced, those seeking personal growth or relationship improvement, and those yearning for a holistic approach to wellness.

How It Works

Our coaching is a synthesis of various holistic practices, woven together to create a unique and highly personalized experience. By integrating the most potent tools available for the mind, body and spirit, we are able to address not just the physical or the mental, but the whole individual.

Each session is custom-tailored to meet you where you are. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation to understand your current state of mind, body, and spirit. From there, we co-create a journey with you, implementing strategies and tools that resonate with your needs and aspirations.

Our approach combines Yonatan's wisdom and in-depth understanding of vibration, frequency, and intention, with Jaime's enthusiasm for somatic work, personal development, and energy medicine. This fusion creates a unique and powerful program designed to facilitate profound transformations.

Your Journey

The journey is divided into manageable phases, each building on the last. While every journey is different, all share a common goal – to create balance, harmony, and connection within and around you. It's not a quick fix or a short-term solution but a profound and meaningful process of growth and self-discovery.

Each session consists of tools to support your mind, body and spirit and over the course of our time together, you will experience deep and lasting transformation in your entire being.


Throughout the program, we provide support and guidance to ensure you feel nurtured and empowered. We are not just your coaches but also your lantern holders, illuminating the path on this transformative journey.

The Outcome

At the end of your journey with us, clients emerge with a deeper understanding of yourself, improved relationships, and an enhanced sense of wellbeing. We aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge to navigate your life with more grace, balance, and authenticity.


Prices ranges from $4,200-$6,000 for the three-month container. For specific inquiries, please contact us.

(We do offer a monthly payment plan)

Book a Discovery Call

We believe that the first step towards transformation is conversation. We invite you to book a discovery call with us. This no-obligation call will allow us to understand your unique needs and explain how our program can assist in your journey to integrative life harmonization. It's the first step towards the life and relationships you've always dreamed of.

Dare to take that step. We look forward to walking this journey with you.

Image of Yonatan Elkayam, founder of Word of Mouth, leading a transformational coaching session. These sessions combine sound healing, transformational coaching and Reiki in our Los Angeles studio.
Image representing the transormational coaching offered at Word of Mouth


Your body is a vessel, a remarkable work of art that deserves care, respect, and love. Integrative Life Harmonization embraces practices like Pilates, Functional Movement, and breathwork to nurture your physical well-being.


Each movement, each breath, is an opportunity to deepen your connection with your physical self, cultivating strength, flexibility, and balance.

We believe in the innate wisdom of the body. Through somatic exploration, we help you listen to this wisdom, interpret its language, and respond with love and compassion. The result is a healthier, more vibrant body that supports you in all your endeavors, making you feel more grounded and energetic.


We view the mind as a powerful tool, capable of both shaping our perception and guiding our actions. We take a holistic approach, exploring thought patterns, mental conditioning, and beliefs. By cultivating mindfulness, practicing meditation, and setting intentions, we aim to unlock the boundless potential of your mind.

Our thoughts shape our reality, and we work to reframe negative thought patterns into empowering ones. Our mind-focused practices are designed to foster self-awareness, resilience, and a deeper understanding of oneself, providing you with the mental clarity to navigate through your life


The spirit is the essence of who we are. In the Integrative Life Harmonization Program, we use tools like Reiki energy healing and sound healing to help you tune in to your spirit's vibrancy, fostering a sense of inner peace and alignment. Our spiritual practices are geared towards unveiling your authentic self, helping you connect with your purpose and passion.

By aligning your spirit with your mind and body, we aim to create a harmonious balance that resonates with your core. This integration sparks a deeper connection with yourself, others, and the universe, leading to a richer, more fulfilling life experience. Through this spiritual awakening, we hope to guide you towards living with intention, serenity, and joy.

Our Story

When we, Jaime and Yonatan, first connected in 2018, our lives took an unanticipated turn. We had both cultivated vibrant and full lives and were initially looking for a casual dating experience. Each of us had our own paths and no intention of changing the direction we were headed in. But, as the story often goes, the universe had a deeper plan. Our connection, born not out of necessity but mutual respect, shared passions, and a joint vision of life, rapidly deepened.

We were two independent souls, content on our separate paths, yet found ourselves drawn together. Day by day, we chose to nurture our relationship, allowing the bonds between us to find new depth. In the midst of this fiery new connection, we uncovered a shared calling that transcended a simple companionship. We found in each other not just partners in love and life, but comrades in a mission to guide others towards wholeness.

When we met, Jaime was immersed in the corporate fitness world and team leadership, privately cultivating her ever-growing spiritual practices. Meanwhile, Yonatan enjoyed his life as a full-time musician, film maker and devoted Pilates student. Our bond was invigorated by a shared love for the artistry of the human body and the transformation that it is capable of igniting.

The authenticity of our relationship shone through our mutual acceptance of each other's shadows alongside our light. Our love story was not just about the sunny moments, but also a deep understanding and acceptance of the darker parts of life. This deep honesty and appreciation for each other has served as the bedrock of our relationship, symbolized by a black diamond in Jaime's engagement ring, honoring and embracing the shadow.

As our journey unfolded, Yonatan's wisdom and in-depth understanding of vibration, frequency, and intention merged seamlessly with Jaime's enthusiasm for somatic work, personal development, and energy medicine. We recognized that our combined skills could instigate profound transformations in our clients' lives.

This realization solidified when a couple in our community, struggling with communication, approached us for help. Seeing in us something they yearned for in their own relationship, the couple sought our guidance. Following that first session, we sat in our car, tears streaming down our faces, moved by an intense sensation of purpose. It was a moment of crystal-clear clarity - we were destined to do this work together.

Word of Mouth, true to its name, has grown organically, blooming from the seeds of service we've planted in our community. We have dedicated our hearts, souls, and skills to craft truly customized sessions for each individual, integrating Pilates, Functional Movement, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, intention setting, Reiki, and sound healing. We've witnessed the transformative power of treating the mind, body, and spirit as a unified whole and feel privileged to share this experience with others.

Our journey is not at an end but continues to evolve, grow, and deepen with each day. We are committed to learning, expanding, and incorporating new tools into our practice, ensuring that our clients always receive the best we have to offer. The magic of our work is rooted in the harmonious dance of learning and teaching, of giving and receiving, and of growing individually and collectively.

And so, we offer you our collective wisdom, experience, and passion to guide you on your journey towards true harmonization. We are Jaime and Yonatan - your guides, your lantern holders in the dark, your trusted partners on the path to holistic healing.

"I went dancing last night and realized everything has changed. I can feel my whole body, even my toes, I can choose to move and place my body and play with its edges and angles freely. I can let go and know it’s got me. (We’ve got me?)
This level of comfort, trust, and at-homeness in my body is beyond what I knew was possible 
And you both have lead and modeled and shown a way of relating with my body that’s so grounded in love and safety and the results are beyond my wildest dreams and I know its going to keep getting deeper and juicer"

Caitlin V. - Client


Who is this program for?

This journey is for individuals looking to come into the deepest alignment of their lives. Some previous form of inner work such as therapy, meditation, personal development seminars, etc. is recommended. This work is especially beneficial for those who wish to cultivate a profound sense of self-love, transmute physical or emotional pain or transform their relationships.

What are some reasons that clients come to work with you?

Processing grief or the loss of a loved one, chronic physical pain, integration of psychedelic or spiritual experiences, the desire to improve relationships or manifest the right partner, navigating non-traditional relationship styles (poly, ENM/CNM etc.), healing from painful relationship patterns, career transitions, support during major life transitions

How are the sessions conducted?

Sessions can be conducted over Zoom or in person at our serene home sanctuary here in West Hollywood, Ca. 

How does the presence of two practitioners affect my experience?

Jaime and Yonatan bring unique and complementary perspectives to each session. Clients often report feeling deeply held and supported with this balanced masculine and feminine presence.

Can I work with just one of you?

Yes, we also offer this work individually.


What are the expected outcomes?

Clients often experience a decrease in physical and emotional pain, shifts in perspective and awareness of their inner and outer world, an increase in self-love, improved relationships, a more profound self-awareness, and a deepened spiritual connection.

What is the cost of a three-month journey?

Pricing ranges from $4,200-$6,000 for the three-month journey. This range is based on your choice to work with one or both of us, as well as the option to meet once or twice per week. Please contact us directly with questions. 

How can I book a session or get more information?

You can email us at or book a discovery call via our website.

Dive into the harmonic symphony of mind, body, and spirit with this coaching journey.

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