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Jaime Elkayam, the founder of Word of Mouth in Los Angeles,  a transformational coach and Reiki master, performing the best Reiki Los Angeles has to offer

Word of Mouth

Mind. Body. Spirit...Harmonized 

Rediscover Your Spark: The Holistic Path to Complete Wellness
Compassion, connection, and authentic expression are at the core of our work. Embark on a transformative journey for the mind, body, and spirit with us. 

Client story:

Meet Alex. Once full of life and verve, her cup now feels perpetually empty. As a dynamic entrepreneur, creative spirit, and loving mother, she's yearning to pour from a full cup again. If this resonates, you're in the right place.

At Word of Mouth, we understand the depths of burnout, the weight of chronic pain, and the void of losing one's spark. Our holistic approach is your compass back to a life of joy, vitality, and authentic expression.

Chronic Pain & Burnout: Dive deep into your roots and find healing that's more than skin deep.
Loss of “Spark”: Reignite the passion and joy in your life.

Emotional Well-being: Reconnect with your emotions, embracing their full spectrum.
Relationship Revitalization: Find depth and meaning in your relationships once more.

Our Offerings:
Reiki and Holistic Energy Healing: Addresses pain at the root level, supporting your body's innate ability to heal. 
Classical Pilates: Cultivate strength and flexibility, building a connection between body and mind.
Transformational and Holistic Coaching: Guided coaching to keep your cup brimming with purpose and joy.

Our Story:

We are Yonatan and Jaime, soulmates in life and partners in passion. We've sipped from the cup of burnout, career challenges, and emotional upheavals. Together, we found ways to fill our cups and, in turn, want to share these tools to help you pour from a full one.

"It’s easy to question in our increasingly optimized and busy society if taking time to slow down is a worthwhile investment. For me the answer is simple, my time with Jaime & Yonatan every week guides my actions across my life and imbues intention, reflection, understanding and meaning into everything I do. To take time to do less for a few hours a week, multiplies the value of everything else that I do." - Eric S

"They both have lead and modeled and shown a way of relating with my body that’s so grounded in love and safety and the results are beyond my wildest dreams and I know its going to keep getting deeper and juicer." - Caitlin V

Ready to Ignite Your Spark?

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Why Choose Word of Mouth?
We often hear, "This is a big investment." True, but consider this: We are one of the few places where your mind, body, and spirit receive equal attention and care. Your holistic journey begins and thrives here, in one integrated space. It’s not just an investment; it’s a
commitment to transformation.


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