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An Argument For Play

“When enough people raise play to the status it deserves in our lives, we will find the world a better place.” Stuart Brown MD


When was the last time you played? The kind of play that makes you lose track of time, space and probably your age.

(If you aren't sure, please drop this article, get yourself moving and come back once you've played to your heart's content)

We define play as "engaging in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose". In a results focused and "we want it yesterday" society, it can be challenging to drop what you're doing for a game of tag or a good laugh, but we promise it's worth it.

Play is a fundamental to growth, joy and success. When we play we further develop our social and problem solving skills. In fact, according to Stuart Brown, MD, there is a strong correlation between success and playful activity.

We really committed to play a few months into quarantine because we were...LOSING IT. Anyone else?

We had hit a wall and were fighting off the urge to spend the whole day in bed on the regular. We committed to adding a little bit of play into each day, starting with dancing once a day. It completely changed the game for the two of us. We'd start the day with a dance party and insert them into our day whenever we hit a lull. Play has completely transformed our lives.

So, here's a little reminder to move, wiggle and play your way to a better day and a more creative state today.

Not sure how to play? Think back to what brought you the most joy as a child and find your way back there. It's a process and if we've lost our connection to play can feel wildly uncomfortable at times.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to play:

  • Play tag or catch at the park. We all know how to do this & somewhere along the way we stop. We say you don't have to

  • Draw, not to create your next masterpiece, but purely for joy

  • Watch a baby or animal play & follow along...they're the experts

  • Move your body to music, asking it along the way "what would feel most fun in this moment"

This week, we hope you carve our a little time for play & let us know how it goes!

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