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Balancing Breath Work

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Anyone else feeling zapped after last week? We are! We’re talking naps, mood swings and crying...the whole 9. Prioritizing our health doesn’t mean we don’t feel like absolute garbage sometimes, it means that when we do, we stop, listen, rest and employ the tools in our self care tool belt.

Here are a few simple things we’re prioritizing this week to make sure we don’t go full “meltdown”

  • Getting 15 minutes of sun every day. The Vitamin D is good for our mood and our immune systems, both of which could use a little love right now

  • Allowing our bodies to take a little extra rest when we need it

  • Prioritizing hydration - making sure we get water rich foods (lots of fruits and veggies) & drinking plenty of water

  • Taking a moment to breathe each day. We’re a big fan of the exercise outlined below:

Balancing breath work:

  • Sit tall, rooting the tailbone down and reaching the crown of your head high

  • Hook your thumbs together like this:

  • Place your hands on your chest (right hand on left chest, left hand on right)

  • Begin breathing slowly as your alternate hand taps (right, left, right, left)

  • Continue the exercise until you notice a calmer state. We aren’t looking to reach complete nirvana here, just a calmer state & slower heart rate

We’re sending you love during this challenging time & hope that you find yourself breathing a little easier today ❤️

In gratitude,

Coopetition Coaching

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