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A Sacred Threshold: The meeting of Havdalah and Shamanic Traditions

As the Saturday light fades twilight, when the stars whisper to the retiring sun, there lies a profound moment of transition. This is the essence of Havdalah, the Jewish tradition marking the end of Shabbat and the beginning of a new week. Similarly, in shamanic cultures around the world, twilight is a revered time, a liminal space where the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is considered thin and permeable. Both traditions recognize this transitional period as a powerful time for reflection and intention-setting.

Havdalah is an intimate ceremony filled with deep symbolism, a spiritual bridge from the holy to the mundane, the light to the dark. In Kabbalistic practice, it’s a time when we are closer to the divine, an opportunity to harness the energies of creation that are especially accessible during this transition. Shamanic traditions, with their rooted respect for the cyclical nature of life, also honor such moments with rituals that connect the community to the greater forces of nature and spirit.

Merging these parallel paths, we find a universal acknowledgement of change. Through the Havdalah candle's intertwined flames, we see the shaman’s sacred fire, a light that guides and cleanses. The fragrant spices of Havdalah echo the shaman's use of herbal wisdom to heal and awaken the senses. And the wine, blessed and sipped, mirrors the shamanic elixir that binds us to the Earth and to each other.

Our upcoming Havdalah meditation on November 11th intertwines and honors these beautiful traditions. In shared space, where our collective energy enhances personal insight and community connection. Whether you are grounded in Jewish faith, drawn to nature's wisdom, or simply in search of spiritual connection, you are welcome to join us.

As we partake in this blended tradition, we embrace the mystical pause between the end and the beginning, paying homage to the cycle of rest and motion, sanctity and routine, introspection and emergence. Join us virtually from your own sanctuary or in-person in West Hollywood, and together, let's step through this sacred threshold.

With love,

Jaime & Yonatan

Guided meditation in Los Angeles, Ca. Group Havdalah meditation in West Hollywood, Ca.

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