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The Science and Synergy of Sound Healing and Reiki

While both sound healing and Reiki energy have ancient roots, the recent surge in their popularity owes much to modern science's attention to their tangible benefits. When combined, these two therapies can yield results greater than their individual effects. At Word of Mouth we are moved by the science of how sound healing can augment the Reiki experience.

Understanding Sound Frequencies

Sound healing, often termed sound therapy, employs specific vibrational frequencies to induce various states of health and consciousness in the body and mind1. Instruments used range from gongs and quartz crystal singing bowls to percussion instruments designed to sound like a rainforest. The principle is simple: our body, at the cellular level, is in a state of constant vibration. When we're unwell or stressed, these vibrations become discordant. Sound healing aims to restore harmony using resonant frequencies2.

Reiki: Energy and Science

Reiki, originating from Japan, is a holistic therapy focused on channeling what's often referred to as 'life force energy' to promote healing3. While the intricacies of how Reiki works remain a topic of debate, some preliminary studies suggest potential benefits such as reduced anxiety and increased overall well-being4.

The Synergy of Sound and Reiki

When you merge sound healing and Reiki:

  1. Improved Cellular Resonance: Sound waves can influence cellular resonance, potentially aiding the Reiki energy in restoring cellular health5.

  2. Enhanced Relaxation: Scientifically, both sound therapy and Reiki have been noted to induce relaxation responses, which can support overall health and stress reduction6.

  3. Amplified Efficacy: The combination may lead to a more profound relaxation and healing response due to the dual impact on the body's energy and vibrational state7.

Bringing Science to Traditional Therapies

While the empirical data on the combined effects of sound healing and Reiki is still emerging, the available research is promising. At Word of Mouth we cater to those that are seeking holistic therapies grounded in science.


Merging the science of sound healing with the energy flow of Reiki offers a promising avenue for holistic health. As researchers continue to explore these therapies' combined potential, individuals can experience firsthand their integrative benefits.


A close-up of a quartz crystal singing bowl with a faint glow, symbolizing the union of sound healing and Reiki energy.

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