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The Nature of Growth and Perfection

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

There is a beautiful quote that sums up the nature of our healing so beautifully:

"Soil that is dirty grows the countless things. Water that is clear has no fish. Thus as a mature person you properly include and retain a measure of grime. You can’t just go along enjoying your own private purity and restraint."

We often feel the societal pressure to be perfect, but when we look to nature, we're sure to be reminded that perfection isn't the goal, harmony is. Any healthy body of water or patch of dirt is packed with organisms living in perfect harmony and working together to create sustainable growth. This week, we're taking a page from mama nature's book & allowing ourselves to appreciate our imperfections, celebrate our flaws and delight in the beautiful harmony of it all.


Photo: March 2018, Bombay Beach, Ca

Taken just after sunrise by Yonatan Elkayam


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