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A Note On Love

A note on love from Yonatan:

I never imagined that I would meet someone that I would want to marry. Growing up I always wanted kids…initially I wanted 6, then as time went on the number got smaller and smaller…until one day I said to myself if I don’t have kids by now maybe I just won’t ever have them. But marriage was something I wasn’t bought into, seemed like prison of my own doing. Don’t get me wrong, my parents are happily married and super in love, and I admire that…but it just didn’t feel like me. It seemed like a contract that was really easy to get into and really hard and expensive to get out of. So I became a hard no.

I had spent my entire adult life convincing my family that I wasn’t gonna get married, and eventually they begrudgingly accepted it.

When I met Jaime she was totally different than any woman that I had dated. She saw the world as expansive and the possibilities endless. She too wasn’t interested in marriage, and so the pressure was off. We could create whatever reality we wanted to. This immediately set a tone and has been the most thrilling way to love, with our hands and our hearts wide open, without ownership or limitations. And very quickly I realized that she was loving me for all sides of me. My light and my shadow, my success and my failures, my power and my shortcomings. I’d always been loved for who they thought I was, or who they thought I would become…but she loves me for all of it. The truth has set me free, and created an environment that gives us the ability to help others live and love at an elevated level.

It’s a combination of wisdom and luck that got me here, and I’m humbled to be this fortunate.

The wisdom I can share with anyone looking deeper into themselves…I say this: Love will come and it will go, sex will excite and inspire you, romance will make your heart float and your stomach turn…but they will also blind you, and make you irrationally stupid.

Never settle for someone that doesn’t love your shadow as much as your light. Never compromise for someone that loves your potential and not exactly who you are in this moment. And never be afraid to walk away when it’s not 100% right, even when you love them, and the sex is fun and the romance is flowing. Because if they don’t love you for your shortcomings and failures then they don’t really love you. Anyone that makes you feel wrong for being who you are, it’s time to let them go. And I promise there is someone out there that will love you for all of it…create space for the real love and just continue to speak and live your truth, and never settle for less.


July 3rd, 2021. Engagement


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