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Reiki's History Pt. 1: Reiki's Origin Story— A Beacon of Peace in Turbulent Times

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

In the era shadowed by the rising storm of World War II, amidst rumbling of unrest, a Japanese scholar and mystic named Mikao Usui embarked on a spiritual odyssey. This journey would lead to the birth of a gentle yet powerful form of healing—Reiki—a practice that would offer solace and peace to many during and long after the turbulence of its time.

Mikao Usui – The Founder:

Mikao Usui's quest for knowledge and enlightenment began with a question that transcended the materialist concerns of the age: Could one find a method of healing the body and spirit without depleting one’s personal energy? His relentless pursuit led him to study ancient texts and to meditate on the sacred Mount Kurama. Here, after twenty-one days of fasting and deep contemplation, Usui experienced a profound spiritual awakening. This awakening bestowed upon him the knowledge and the ability to channel what he termed as 'universal life energy'—a force that could harmonize and heal.

Reiki’s Philosophy:

Reiki is founded on principles that are universal and enduring. They call for a release of worry and anger—emotions that were particularly resonant in a period of global uncertainty—and encourage gratitude and kindness. These principles served as spiritual anchors, grounding individuals amid the tumultuous waves of fear and aggression that characterized the pre-war period.

As the geopolitical landscapes of the 1920s and 1930s churned with change, Reiki's teachings offered an alternative to the outer chaos: a tranquil path inward, fostering personal peace that could radiate outward, affecting change in ways that transcended the conventional.

Reiki in the Lead-up to WWII:

As Usui began sharing Reiki, his teachings resonated profoundly with those burdened by the anxieties of the time. In a society strained by rapid modernization and the shadows of impending conflict, Reiki sessions offered a respite—a haven where one could reconnect with the deeper currents of life and personal purpose. Practitioners found in Reiki a tool for maintaining equilibrium, and as word spread, so did its reputation as an art that could heal the wounds of the soul as much as those of the body.


The tapestry of Reiki's history is interwoven with the threads of personal transformation and societal upheaval. As this healing practice began to illuminate paths of peace during pre-WWII years, its journey became ever more poignant amidst the backdrop of war—a silent testament to the power of healing amid destruction. In our next blog post, we will explore the resilience of Reiki through the wartime era, offering a beacon of hope in the face of despair.

What's next?

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Let's explore the history of Reiki and Reiki healing's emergence during WWII

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