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Face Your Fears and Embrace Your Strength!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

When we say face your fears, what is your initial reaction? Are you a f**k yes or a run in the other direction kind of human?

If you tend to fall into the category that avoids your discomforts and fears, you’re not alone. Look around, we’ve designed lives that offer ultimate comfort and shield us from our fears.

Don’t like snakes? Avoid ‘em. Afraid of public speaking? Maybe it’s not for you. Have to have an uncomfortable conversation with a friend or lover? It can wait.

If any of the above resonates for you, we have a challenge for you! Let’s reframe our relationship with fear and discomfort this week.

Next time you feel afraid, ask yourself the following:

  • What would it feel like to be unafraid if ___ situation?

  • How will I feel on the other side of this fear?

  • How is it serving me to avoid this fear (this question is important - if the costs of addressing a discomfort are greater than the potential benefits, maybe now isn’t the right time & that’s okay!)

  • How can I take one step into this fear?

If you’re not sure of how to begin moving through a fear, being vulnerable with someone you trust can be a powerful way to start (a friend, a family member, a partner, a coach). Here are a few examples how this can show up in conversation:

  • “This idea is bringing up some fear for me, I’m ready to work through them, but need a little support.”

  • “I’m doing something I’m terrified of today, will you show up for me? Your presence means so much”

  • “I have some fears about this, can I talk them out with you”

Fears, discomforts and the “darker” side of our emotions generally just want to be acknowledged and observed. Once we give them space, we can move through them. Give yourself time to acknowledge your fears as valid, but remember that they are not in the driver’s seat, you are. The power and strength that lie on the other side of our fears is infinite.

12.28.2021 - Joshua Tree, Ca

A little background on this image:

It was 40 degrees and windy as we dipped our bodies into this stunning pool. The feeling of bliss that followed was well worth the discomfort.

In gratitude,

Coopetition Coaching


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