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Taking Up Space

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

From the bottom of our hearts:

Thank you for taking up space!

One of the big themes we've heard lately is the feeling that we as individuals take up too much space.

Whether it's apologetically asking someone if you can squeeze past them at the grocery store, the fear of speaking up in a class or meeting, allowing our boundaries to be bypassed for fear that upholding them will inconvenience someone, many of us carry the story that we are too loud, too big, too bright...too much.

In a recent meditation circle, a participant reflected:

"I felt like I was doing it wrong the whole time, making too much noise, disrupting the entire group."

We watched as his shoulders rounded forward and head hung low, his exterior shell physically becoming smaller to match that voice in his head. One by one people chimed in with "wow, me too," "I hear that voice all the time," "that's me too!"

We then thanked him for taking up space.

This man's vulnerability was the reflection that each of us desperately needed in this moment.

This week, we're inviting you to TAKE UP MORE SPACE and thank others for the space they take up. It is deeply inspiring to see you speaking your truth, shining bright and dancing to your hearts content.

In gratitude,

Jaime & Yonatan

Coopetition Coaching


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