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What if nothing is wrong with you?

What if all of the personal development, soul searching and self help just stopped for a minute?

And what if the version of yourself that you are right now was absolutely perfect?

What if everything that was telling you to change was actually just placed in front of you to bring you into the deepest sense of love for yourself that you can imagine?

What if, for a moment, you simply stood in the discomfort and in the ecstasy. In the joy and in the grief. In the anxiety and the peace. In the disappointment and in awe.

The truth is, they each exist in every single moment of every single day, so why not embrace them?

I've spent the last ten years helping people create sustainable change in their lives. Coaching movement, nutrition, business and lifestyle change, I've seen people show up time and time again beaten down by their own minds.

So often, we arrive to the moment of change from a place of deep pain and agony, convinced that we'll be lovable, worthy or successful if ____ changes.

"If I could only change this, I'd feel worthy of ____"

"What is wrong with me, I can't believe ___ happened again"

"Everyone else has it together, why can't I?"

The truth is, people get the job when they're unqualified, find love when they don't have what the media tells us is a "perfect" body, travel with no plan and start careers where all odds are stacked against them EVERY SINGLE DAY.

People also live perfectly happy and fulfilled lives without ever touching a self help book, attending a seminar or considering a diet.

The answer to your happiness does not lie at the end of that next workshop, class or milestone. The answer to your happiness lies in accepting YOU exactly as you are in this moment, fully accepting that this is who you are and how you are in this moment, really, deeply, fully accepting it.

It's absolutely possible to move forward from a place of love for oneself rather than barreling forward from the place of "I'm broken". When we can accept this reality, we create a massive energetic shift in our life. We begin making choices based on what truly excites us rather than what we should be doing. When we make choices from this place, we make magic.


So, I'll ask once more, what if nothing is wrong with you?


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