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Healing Beyond the Physical Realm:
Energy and Sound Healing

Word of Mouth is a space where your spirit finds alignment and your innate healing capabilities are nurtured. At Word of Mouth, we work with  the transformative power of Reiki, energy medicine, and sound healing – our private sessions offer a space for deep and profound healing all with the intention of ease and grace. 

Your Healing, Tailored to You

Yonatan and Jaime, both trained art of energy healing, Reiki, and sound therapy, are dedicated to creating sessions that reflect your needs and aspirations. Every session is a collaborative journey, weaving your intentions with our expertise. We celebrate the individuality of each client, ensuring that you are not just a recipient of healing but an active participant in their journey.

Where Tradition and Innovation Meet

Our practice respects the age-old traditions of Reiki and energy healing, enriched by contemporary insights into the human spirit and energy medicine. This approach results in deeply personalized sessions, where your journey towards healing and self-discovery takes center stage.

Healing for Every Intention

Whether your goal is to release trauma, cultivate emotional wellbeing, deepen spiritual connections, or simply enjoy a moment of relaxation, our sessions adapt to your intentions. We invite you to experience healing that truly reflects your needs.

Hear from Our Community

"An Awakening. Once you go here, you’ll never go anywhere else." ✨

-Dawn R

"Yonatan and Jaime are the real thing. I continue to work with them because of the support they provide in and out of sessions."

-Nicole B

"...This is what the world needs right now!" 🦋

-Melissa M

Ready For The Journey?

Contact us to book your session or learn more about how we can support your healing journey.


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With Love,

Jaime & Yonatan

Word of Mouth



Jaime Elkayam, Reiki master, master energy healer and Transformational Coach in Los Angeles, performing a holistic Reiki healing session to promote mind, body, and spirit transformation

Book the session that is right for you:

Distance Energy Healing

Distance energy healing sessions offer you the space to drop in from the comfort of your own home. Tuning into the frequency of universal energy, we connect with you remotely, working with healing vibrations that bypass physical distance. As we link our intention to your unique energetic frequency, we create a bridge of healing energy, allowing us to support your wellbeing, transcend physical limitations, and promote holistic healing from afar.

In person Energy Healing

Energy healing is a beautiful dance with the life force that dwells within and around us. As energy healers, we connect with this unseen, yet potent energy, directing it in ways that support healing and wellbeing. Through techniques like Reiki and Integrative Energy Medicine, we aid in the movement and transmutation of energy, clearing blockages, and reestablishing harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. This practice honors the wisdom that your body holds, encouraging self-healing, emotional release, and deeper spiritual awareness.

Sound Healing

In each sound healing session, we tap into the ancient wisdom of vibrational energy, awakening the deepest corners of consciousness through resonating sounds. Using gongs, quartz bowls, and chimes, we work with vibrational medicine that echos through your being, aligning you with your natural frequencies. It's a transformative experience that transcends the physical realm, guiding your mind and spirit towards serenity.


Immersing yourself in  these healing frequencies invites the unraveling of deep-seated tensions, promoting balance, peace, and profound healing.

For questions and bookings email:


What is Reiki and Energy Healing?

Reiki and energy healing are holistic therapies focused on manipulating the body's energy flow to improve mental, emotional, and physical health. These practices encourage self-healing, balance, and wellness and can have a profound impact on our wellbeing.

Where are you located? 

Our private studio is located on Highland and Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, Ca. Our space offers clients the opportunity to step away from the heavy hum of the city and relax in a true sanctuary. 

What does a private Sound Healing session entail?

Sound healing sessions use vibrational instruments such as gongs, quartz bowls, and chimes to help your body and spirit reach a deep state of relaxation and healing. These vibrations align with your body's natural frequencies to promote wellness and harmony.

How long is each session?

Sessions can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes. 

What are the benefits of these services?

Benefits of energy and sound healing sessions include deep relaxation, improved mood, emotional release, a decrease or elimination of pain, deeper spiritual awareness, emotional healing, and an enhanced sense of calm, happiness, and alignment.

Can I combine these services with movement and coaching?

Yes, absolutely! Private coaching sessions with us include movement as well as energy healing. 

For clients who aren't looking for coaching, but still want an integrated approach, you can book an energy healing session directly after your Pilates of Functional Movement sessions.

How personalized is each session?

Each session is completely tailored to your needs. We consider every session as a co-creation between us and the client, aiming to meet your unique needs and desires with ease and grace.

Who can benefit from energy and sound healing?

People from all walks of life can benefit from this work. We believe in the universal power of healing and personal growth, and we open our practice to all who seek it.

Can these sessions be done remotely?

Energy healing and Reiki sessions can be conducted remotely. However, sound healing sessions need to be conducted in person to fully benefit from the vibrational instruments.

What is the cost of a session?

The cost of a session ranges from $145 to $250 for individuals. For group rates, please contact us directly.

What if I have questions or need support after a session?

We're here for you! Clients have access to us post-session for any questions about integration or additional support. You're not alone in your journey—we're here to assist you every step of the way.

How does energy healing fit into your private coaching work?

Energy healing is an integral part of our private coaching programs. In these sessions, we also incorporate bodywork and coaching for a comprehensive approach to mind, body, and spirit transformation and health

Take a peek into our signature group healing offering, 
Reiki & Chill.

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