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Music by Word of Mouth.Love

At Word of Mouth, we believe in the power of returning to slower, more connected moments and embracing our innate ability to heal ourselves and the collective.


This music is a testament to this belief—a summoning back to slower moments and music as an offering that transcends language to connect us to a deeper layer of resonance and emotion.

With love,

Jaime & Yonatan

Reunion - a sound healing journey with Word of Mouth.Love
Reunion: Our Debut Piece 💫

Our inaugural track, "Reunion," beckons us to navigate the full landscape of our being—the ebbs and flows, the light and shadow. In a culture fixated on perpetual growth and illumination, "Reunion" emerges as a soulful reminder of the harmony found in embracing our entire essence. This composition is an invitation to a sacred gathering, uniting the fragmented parts of our soul in a long-awaited embrace within the heart's depths.

Music as Ritual 🌀🕯

For millennia, the wisdom keepers and shamans have revered sound and vibration as the most potent medicine, capable of reaching the soul's deepest corners. Unlike the transient solutions of the material world, these subtler energies meet us exactly where we stand.

We invite you into a ceremonial space to experience these sounds fully. Create an altar in your sanctuary—dim the lights, bring light and scent in with incense or a candle, and hold space for an intention that feels most potent. Allow these sounds to guide you into a state of true restorative, where each note invites you to play loving witness to both shadow and light. 

Our music is best enjoyed when you give yourself permission to move slower than usual

Stay Tuned for More ✨🌿

"Reunion" is just the beginning. As we move through 2024, we will release more pieces in this collection of healing music and guided meditations. Follow Word of Mouth.Love on your favorite streaming platform to stay updated on our releases.

Experience The Magic Live...

For those seeking an in-person sonic experience, join us at our upcoming "Reiki & Chill" events. These gatherings offer a unique opportunity to experience our music live, surrounded by a community.


Q: What is Sound Healing?

A: Sound healing is an ancient practice using vibration and sound to promote healing and restore balance within the body. At Word of Mouth, located in the heart of Los Angeles, we specialize in creating healing music that encompasses sound healing techniques and Reiki energy, designed to guide you into a state of deep relaxation and inner peace.

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