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Image of Jaime Elkayam, the founder of Word of Mouth in Los Angeles, expertly playing the Koshi chimes during a Sound Bath session, while conducting a transformative Reiki Therapy session, embodying the holistic and integrative approach to wellbeing

Word of Mouth

Mind. Body. Spirit...Harmonized 

Welcome to Word of Mouth

The Ultimate Destination for Reiki Therapy, Sound Healing, and Transformational Coaching in Los Angeles.

In the heart of West Hollywood, we, Yonatan and Jaime, are your partners on a journey towards deep personal transformation. Together, we hold over 15 years of combined coaching experience, combining our passion for wellness with a firm belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Our Integrative Life Harmonization program is the heart of our practice. Over three months, we provide a fusion of techniques like Pilates, breath work, somatic work, transformational coaching, and Reiki energy healing to foster lasting change. This synergistic approach ensures a holistic experience, resonating not just with your body, but also your mind and spirit.

Distinct from other providers, our Reiki Therapy in Los Angeles is a blend of traditional techniques with sound healing and guided meditation, resulting in a profound healing journey. We also offer monthly group events, aptly named "Reiki & Chill," that combine all these tools in a communal setting.

Our Sound Healing sessions integrate traditional instruments like quartz bowls and gong with modern instruments like piano and tamboura. With Yonatan's near 35 years of musical experience, each session becomes a deeply moving sonic voyage.

But don't just take our word for it. Our clients' experiences speak volumes:

'My time at Word of Mouth every week guides my actions across my life and imbues intention, reflection, understanding, and meaning into everything I do... To take time to do less for a few hours a week, multiplies the value of everything else that I do.' - Eric S

We invite you, our community—creative, knowledge-driven individuals seeking personal transformation—to join us in this journey of self-discovery and growth. Whether you're looking for Reiki therapy near you, or you resonate with our client's story, our doors are always open.

At Word of Mouth, we believe in treating the whole, not the parts. Our unique blend of services ensures that every aspect of you—the mind, body, and spirit—resonates in harmony. We use the tools that have transformed us and those we love to help you tune your life's symphony to its most beautiful pitch.

You can experience our transformational coaching and energy healing in-person at our West Hollywood studio or virtually, from anywhere in the world. We offer a complimentary introductory call for new clients and package discounts for all our services. Booking a session is as simple as sending an email to or via our booking link.

Let us help you unleash your inner power. At Word of Mouth, we believe that every person holds profound magic in their most authentic state. Let us guide you back to yours.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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