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Word of Mouth

Mind. Body. Spirit...Harmonized 

Welcome to
Word of Mouth

We believe that a more peaceful, conscious and loving world is possible.


Our signature program, Integrative Life Harmonization brings together the most potent tools for physical, mental and spiritual transformation.


The magic that you hold is uniquely yours and the things that make you YOU are the most profound gifts that you can offer to this planet.


In this space, we bring together tools for the mind, the body and the spirit in order to support you as strip away the layers and allow your magic to shine..


By integrating these elements into our daily lives, we can peel away the layers that hold us back and unleash the magic within us. So, let's come together and create a world filled with peace, awareness, and love, starting with our own transformation.

Client experience:


"I am finally having conversations with myself that are loving. I don't know how I survived so long without feeling love for myself....I have healed and grown in ways I only thought possible in books and movies. ...I now know how it feels to feel safe. Safe in my head and safe with two amazing beings that continue to listen, guide, and nurture."

Will K - Client

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