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Connection Code

Conscious & Aligned Relating

Conscious Relating, conscious relationship coaching Los Angeles. Holistic Relationship Care In West Hollywood, Ca

Have you ever noticed that our world feels void of healthy examples of relationships?

It's time to become the example we so deeply crave.

We all know that feeling of deep disappointment and longing as we look to social media, relationships shown on TV or public figures, we often see only two extremes: blatant toxicity or a picture-perfect facade, but seldom a true example of real, gritty, healthy, alive relating. 

The problem is that our cultural conditioning to avoid conflict and vulnerability has left us without the tools for the deep and long-lasting connections vital to our health and evolution. Many of us wait for others in our lives to change, fantasizing about the reality that might emerge when ____ (our partner, our friends, our fill in the blank) finally change. Meanwhile, technology, though intended to connect us globally, often exacerbates our disconnection from each other and ourselves. 

We can all feel the impact of this disconnection. Over time, the subtle erosion of our foundational relationships becomes more apparent, leaving us unsteady and struggling to find solid ground. Our bonds feel frayed, our societal connections at odds, and our connection to ourselves unravels into depression and disconnection. As innately communal beings, every part of us down to our cells craves real connection.

It's time to forge a new way of relating.

Introducing The Connection Code

Imagine a space where you can set the world aside and connect to the center-point of all your relationships...YOU. The Connection Code is a a heart centered coaching program that weaves together tools for your mind, body, and spirit, focusing on building a deeper relationship with yourself as the access point to aligning and improving all other relationships. 

With The Connection Code, you'll explore:
Practical Tools: Gaining skills to handle difficult and deep conversations and learn how to see them all the way through.

Aligned Relationships: Fostering deeper bonds with your loved ones via elevated levels communication and vulnerability.

More Intimate Self-Knowledge: Unveiling the layers of your own inner world.

What our clients are saying: 

"The results are beyond my wildest dreams, and I know it's going to keep getting deeper and juicier. The way I talk to people, connect on the dance floor, have sex, hold eye contact… all different"

We created Word of Mouth with the belief that we all need a place to slow down, breathe deeply, and focus on what matters most: our health, our cherished relationships, and our impact on the greater world. 

If your heart is calling you inward and you crave deeper, more meaningful relationships, join us on this journey. 

A Holistic Journey

The Connection Code was created to bring you beyond surface level change. This is a deep dive into healing and growth that acknowledges your mind, body, and spirit as equal partners. Each session offers a blend of movement and somatic work, breathwork, Energy Healing, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Transformational Coaching...this partnership is designed to nurture every facet of your being. This holistic approach allows us to move beyond transformation to evolution.

Creating a New Relationship Blueprint

"The Connection Code" is not just a program; it's a pathway to becoming the architect of your own relationships. It's designed for those who realize that the seed of healthy, vibrant relationships is planted within oneself. Here, you learn not just to dream of healthy love but to be the very source of it. This program is your compass to navigate the intricate dynamics of relationships, starting from within.

Client Experience:

"After 3 months, I not only found an incredible romantic partner, but I feel more grounded and powerful in who I am, than ever before."

2:1 Coaching

Walk this path beside both Yonatan and Jaime, a husband and wife team, who bring forward a balanced masculine and feminine perspective. This synergy of energies brings a balanced approach to the evolution of your relationships, ensuring a well-rounded experience. Our combined insights, experience and expertise offer a richer, more nuanced understanding of your journey, centering the full spectrum of your needs.

Physical and Emotional Metamorphosis

Our clients often describe this work as's why:

Imagine feeling a new sense of comfort, trust, and freedom in your own relationship & expression that extends to every interaction you have. From the simplest conversations to to the depths of your most intimate relationships, The Connection Code was created to support you you'll experience life with a renewed sense of presence and connection.


This transformation is not just about the moment; it's about a lasting change that deepens over time.

The Connection Code Details:

  • 12 x 90 minute Integrated Connection sessions (virtual & in-person options)

  • Priority booking

  • Dual coach support

  • Text & voice note support

  • Complimentary access to community events

  • Access to our guided meditation library

  • Personalized journal and reflection prompts


Financial Exchange

$6,300 / 12 weeks ($8,400 value)

Or $2,200 / month for 3 months ($3,000 value)


Q: Is The Connection Code for individuals or couples?

A: The Connection Code is designed for individual support. We do work with couples on a case by case basis & recommend each individual in the couple also seeks their own 1:1 support in addition to couple's work. 

Q: How can Reiki help in my relationships?

A: Reiki promotes emotional balance and healing, helping you release past baggage that may be affecting your relationships. It fosters a sense of inner peace, making you more receptive and empathetic in your interactions.

Q: Can Pilates really impact my relationships?

A: Absolutely. Pilates improves not just physical strength but also emotional resilience. A stronger, more aware body leads to a more confident and present self in relationships.

Q: What does transformational coaching involve?

A: It involves personalized guidance focusing on communication, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, all crucial for deepening relationships.

Q: How long does it take to see changes in my relationships?

A: While individual experiences vary, many clients report feeling a positive shift in their relationships within a few sessions.

Q: Do you offer relationship support for LGBTQ couples and individuals?
A: Yes, we proudly offer relationship support and coaching tailored to the unique experiences and challenges of the LGBTQ community. Our approach is inclusive, respectful, and sensitive to the diverse needs of LGBTQ relationships, providing a safe and supportive space for exploration, growth, and healing.

Q: Can your services help those exploring or already in non-monogamous relationships?
A: Absolutely. We provide guidance and coaching for individuals and couples navigating non-monogamous relationships. Our program focuses on open communication, trust-building, and understanding the dynamics unique to non-monogamous relationships, ensuring a healthy and fulfilling experience for all involved.

“Small, intentional, consistent efforts over time will profoundly transform the trajectory of your relationships.” - Zach Brittle

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