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The Vitality Code

Overcoming Chronic Pain

Pilates for Pain Management, Holistic Chronic Pain Healing, Pilates For Chronic Pain Managemet. Jaime Elkayam, Owner and Coach at Word of Mouth West Hollywood practices Pilates and mindful movement for physical healinh

If chronic pain has ever touched your life, you know how it sneaks its way into everything you do…


We know all too well the mental fog, anxiety, sleep loss and hopelessness that can surface when our pain goes unmanaged. 


The problem is that with over 20% of adults in the United States suffering from chronic pain, the $80 billion dollar pain management industry is only projected to grow, which means that something isn't working.


We’ve all seen how fast the medical industry is to offer pills and procedures for pain relief, drowning us in temporary solutions, with no real road map out of our pain. 


Many of these promises to eliminate our pain often focus more on treating or dulling our symptoms rather than empowering us to uncover and heal the underlying issues.


We’ve been promised a quick fix to something many of us know has been building up for years. 


& truthfully, we’ve had it (maybe you have too?) with these promises of a quick fix that never really get us to the root of the issue or true healing. 


For some, chronic pain stems from one acute trauma or injury, but for many, it runs deeper (and the solution can be more nuanced). Research shows us that emotional trauma can increase the risk of chronic pain later in life & when ignored, these emotional undercurrents manifest physically, growing louder until we have no choice but to listen. 


Holding the knowledge that our body keeps our memories & stores that which hasn’t been fully processed, we know that once the root of pain has been addressed, we can start to unravel the grip that it has on us. 


Can you visualize yourself beginning to unravel the roots of your pain and learning tools and practices that help you work WITH your body rather than against it?


Introducing The Vitality Code


Imagine a program that doesn't just aim to manage your pain but seeks to transform your entire relationship with it. The Vitality Code weaves together mind, body, and spirit in a harmonious approach to uncover and heal the roots of your chronic pain.


Journey with us towards true vitality. 

  • Available Online

    30 min

Integrated Healing

The Vitality Code integrates some of the most powerful holistic healing modalities. Each session offers a  blend of Pilates, Functional Movement, breathwork, Energy Healing, Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Healing, and Transformational Coaching - the marriage of these tools is designed to address not just the symptom of pain, but the root cause. This holistic approach to your healing allows us to move beyond transformation to evolution.

Individual 1:1 Coaching

During this 3 month journey, you will receive 1:1 care that is centered around your needs and abilities.


Both of us have struggled with chronic pain personally and take a compassionate approach, as we've not just learned about, but truly felt the impacts of chronic pain.


Each session is completely personalized to you with your highest wellbeing in mind. 

Creating a New Body Blueprint

Far from the "no pain-no gain" approach, The Vitality Code brings you real, practical tools to form a new relationship with your body. 


"This level of comfort, trust, and at homeness in my body is beyond what I knew was possible "

Transformative Personal Growth and Pain Management

Our clients often describe their transformation as nothing short of miraculous. Imagine feeling a new sense of comfort, trust, and freedom in your own body, a newfound ease in movement and expression that extends to every interaction you have. From the dance floor to the depths of your most intimate relationships, The Vitality Code supports a renewed sense of presence and partnership with your body. This transformation is not just about the moment; it's about a lasting change that deepens over time,.

The Vitality Code Details:

  • 12 x 90 minute Integrated Wellness sessions (virtual & in-person options)

  • 12 x 60 minute Pilates or Functional Movement Sessions

  • Text & Voice Note Support

  • Priority booking

  • Complimentary access to community events


Financial Exchange


Or $2,000 / month for 3 months


Q: Can I engage in this work if I don't have chronic pain?

A: Yes! The Vitality Code focuses on bringing the body into it's most vibrant state & is appropriate even if you're desiring a more connected and vibrant experience in your body. 


 Q: How can Pilates help with chronic pain?

A: Pilates strengthens core muscles and improves posture, which can significantly alleviate strain and stress on the body, often a contributing factor to chronic pain.


Q: Can energy healing really impact physical pain?

A: Yes, energy healing like Reiki addresses the emotional and spiritual factors that can exacerbate physical pain, promoting overall healing.


Q: What can I expect from the coaching aspect? A: Our coaching provides tools for stress management, emotional resilience, and positive mindset strategies, all essential in managing and overcoming chronic pain.


Q: How long does it take to see improvements in my pain?

A: While individual experiences vary, many clients report feeling a noticeable improvement in their pain levels within a few sessions.


Q: How does an integrative wellness approach benefit chronic pain management?
A: Our holistic chronic pain relief program in Los Angeles combines Classical Pilates, transformational holistic coaching, and Reiki energy healing. This integrative approach ensures a comprehensive treatment of chronic pain, addressing not only the physical symptoms but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Such a multifaceted strategy leads to more effective and sustainable pain relief.

"The only way out of pain is through it."
-Gabor Maté 

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