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A celebration of the magic in the mundane

The beginning of a new year often brings many of us to a place of reflection

"What did I accomplish this year?" "What to I have to show for this passing of time?"

As I sit reflecting on the year that has passed, I find myself celebrating the most mundane things

Delighted by the moments when being took over and doing was a distant thought

Overjoyed that I've allowed pleasure and joy to permeate all corners of my life

So, as we enter this next year, I offer you this:

A prayer for the mundane moments

An offering of gratitude and magic for the most ordinary

May planting your feet in the earth root you deeper into love, compassion and joy

May the sun touching your skin show up as a divine miracle

May the kiss of a new lover light up every corner of your soul

May you find yourself dancing at crosswalks and singing in the rain

May the alchemy of breath remind you of the miracle it is to be alive

May the simplest things take that very breath away for just a moment

May the smell of a rose unfurl the petals of your heart just a bit more

May your voice cary the truth that is uniquely yours into this world

May your dreams present themselves as visions of possibility

May you approach each moment with respect and reverence and may this upcoming year bring you deeper into relationship with pleasure and joy


& finally, may the smile in my heart be felt by you, wherever you are on this big, beautiful planet

In gratitude,


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